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We Love It!
My daughter attends KRK Johns Creek after school program and loves it. The teachers, administrators, and owners are all amazing. KRK walks my daughter next door to Gymnastics World of Georgia three times a week. They have other enrichment programs and camps with field trips when school is closed. The Christmas concert is precious.
Jenn B.
My daughter loves this school!
My daughter loves this school! She is happy to go everyday! Nice environment, caring staff and GA PK teachers are phenomenal. She has learned so much since school started. Very pleased! I particularly love the webcam watching offered and the cleanness of the facility.
Elisa Lagrange
Helpful and welcoming!
Our two year old son loves his teachers and school ! Teachers are very caring and the rest of the staff is so helpful and welcoming .Overall its a wonderful experience.
Divya Anand
I'm still amazed how much my two yo and 3.5 yo both love this school! So much better than two other daycare/preschool we have tried in the JC area.
Yuan Zhou Abernathy
love it!
Love kids and kids because of they truly care about the safety of my kids.
Matt Dannka
I can't say enough! The staff and owner are wonderful to the kids and the parents. They do a phenomenal job all the way around. As parents, we are very happy with the choice we made for our daughters educational foundation.
Caren Beth Soldyn
Great School to send your kids to!
I would strongly suggest Kids R Kids to anyone looking for childcare. The staff is very friendly and approachable, the day care is one of the cleanest and well kept I've ever saw and they offer numerous programs that are beneficial to the children. My son rarely wants to leave when it's pick up time.
Lanette Newby
A great school
My boy Gabriel is in its Seeker class for 2 months now. A great school with a good system. All stuffs are helpful and nice. Specially I like the teacher-student ratio in class. The school always put better ratio in classroom than the state's requirement. So, each kid has enough exposure to the teachers. The teachers are caring and are always trying to fulfill parents' requirement.
Great facility with excellent teachers & staff
Our daughter attends the GA Pre K program at the Johns Creek Kids R Kids and we are extremely happy with everything on offer. She has learnt a lot and is every excited about going to school each morning. In fact our most effective way to get her to wake up or speed up on her morning routine is to say that she would be late to school that day if she didn't hurry. The Watch Me Grow capability also provides us with a great deal of comfort in knowing that she is always just one click away at any time of day.
Lyju Iype
Wonderful preschool!
Our two-year-old daughter started attending Kids R Kids Johns Creek at the beginning of the year. We decided to put her into preschool because we wanted her to start socializing with other children her age. But when she started coming home talking a mile a minute, trying to "read" every book she could get, and speaking in Spanish and sign language, we knew that she was getting much more than socialization at KRKJC! We love her teachers because they do such a wonderful job of fostering a love of learning in my daughter. And the rest of the staff is so helpful and welcoming whenever we come by, we definitely feel like part of a family! I would highly recommend Kids R Kids Johns Creek as your child's first school!
Michele H.
Great Choice and Family Atmosphere !!
My son went to Kids are Kids when he was 2 for summer and went to a Montessori school when he was 3, but the whole year he was missing his earlier school, while passing through the school he would always ask me when am I going back to this school this made me feel as a guilt parent to pull him out to get into Montessori. I had to put him back in Kids R Kids for this year and he loves it. Its always pleasure to see the smiling and welcoming ladies in front. The care and love that they show to children is amazing. I feel relaxed when my child started going to this school as I know he is in good hands. Good job guys and Keep up the great work..
Neetu S
Great Choice !!
My son went to Kids are Kids when he was 2 for summer and went to a Montessori school when he was 3, but the whole year he was missing his earlier school, while passing through the school he would always ask me when am I going back to this school this made me feel as a guilt parent to pull him out to get into Montessori. I had to put him back in Kids R Kids for this year and he loves it. Its always pleasure to see the smiling and welcoming ladies in front. The care and love that they show to children is amazing. I feel relaxed when my child started going to this school as I know he is in good hands. Good job guys and Keep up the great work..
Neetu S
Great School!
We have sent our kids to this school for years and they love it. They are learning so much and they love their teachers!
Perfect school for our boys!
This was the first daycare that we started at with our two boys about 2 years ago and we have loved this school since day one. They were so patient and understanding with us when we started daycare for the first time and it was hard for the whole family. Our kids have now made so many new friends and the staff is like family. They are willing to help in any way possible. Our boys have learned so much and their education has excelled to the max. It is a true blessing to find a school where we have truly loved every teach that they have had!!! I couldn't have asked for a better school for my boys! Thanks Kids R Kids JC!!!
Denise M
Great for Infants!
We have a 12 week old who attends this school. She's always happy and seemingly well taken care of while at the school The room has cameras that can be accessed remotely, which is also nice.
J. Alterman
My daughter loves her school !
This is our families first experience with sending our little one off to school. Luckily the staff and teachers made it a very warm and welcoming atmosphere. The pre-k program at Kids R Kids has been very enriching for our daughter. Every morning she is eager to get to class and learn new and exciting things. As a parent I am impressed with the accelerated level for Pre- K. My daughter is coming home with a wealth of knowledge. Her teachers Ms. Edel and Ms. Wilson are so kind and dedicated to making learning a fun environment. I would highley recommend this school to others:)
K. Jindrak
Best daycare ever!
Words cannot explain how awesome Kids R Kids has been to us. Our son is 2.5 years old and has been with the center for less than a year. In this short time, his vocabulary has exploded. He tells us every night that he wants to go back to daycare in the morning. We love this place!
Amber Yandle
2 thumbs up from the entire family!
I would highly recommend Kids R Kids John Creek Parkway. My son has been attending this location for over a year. We left and came back within 2wks! The staff is very pleasant, they take the time to know every child and the my son teachers are very patient. He learns so many different things and I also love the new curriculum.
Felicia W.
Love This School
When I first walked in to the school my daughter was acknowledged immediately by the front office staff. Every day since then the staff cheerfully greets me and my daughter as we come into school and as we leave. Upon meeting the owner, Ms. Peytra, she immediately engaged with my daughter and put her at ease. Ms. Peytra took us to the soon to be classroom and sat down on the ground with my daughter as she played. Peytra, patiently, spent a lengthy amount of time answering my questions about the facility. I was excited to hear the they serve nutritious snacks and meals, the Watch Me Grow monitioring sysytem so I can check in on my daughter throughout the day, a shaded playground for hot summer days, use Writing Without Tears, have parents night out, secure entry ways and a wonderful group of teachers and staff.This school has been flexible with my occasional change in work schedule and they have always done their best to accomodate my needs. I can never thank them enough for the flexibilty, care and stability they offer my child and family.
Thank You!
We have been a part of KidsRKids extended family for the last 3 years now. My older daughter Aanya and now my younger daughter Alaina have both so thoroughly enjoyed being at KidsRkids that i normally have mutiny on my hand on weekends when the school is closed! I can't say enough about the staff there! All of them be it the owner Ms Petra or Ms Anu, Ms Robin,Ms Sharleen, Ms Stacy, Ms Debbie , Ms Sandra.... the list goes on and on are all my daughters fav teachers... This is of course till they go to a new class and then they add more teachers to the fav list!! I couldn't have been more happy with the staff there and have recommended many of my friends too! Keep up the good job! We all love you!!
Seema Saini
Would never go anywhere else!
Our family joined the KRKJC family in 2009 when our first child was born. We were the hesitant, first-time parents, afraid to leave our children with anyone else but we had to go back to work. Being able to watch our newborn (all day) via the cameras was so relieving! We could see she the teachers playing with her, watch when she was sleeping or eating, everything! It was the next best thing to being there yourself! My son was born two years later and the same teachers that cared for my daughter were there for my son! The teachers/staff have become extended members of our family! But the teachers don’t just babysit, even the infants have a curriculum-it’s amazing! My children came home at 2 years old reciting the entire pledge of allegiance! Education is a top priority for our family but we also wanted our kids to have fun and enjoy their childhood! This school has the perfect balance of both! Believe it or not, it’s actually comforting when you go to pick up your kids at the end of the day and they DON’T want to go home yet! The teachers and administrators go above and beyond to make the entire experience enjoyable from the Fun Friday Dress up Themes, monthly date nights, monthly adventure nights, multiple performers/entertainers/educators they bring in for the kids, festivals/parades/parties and events they host for the school, the extracurricular activities they provide, and the overall sense of family in addition to superior education provided is second to none. The school has evolved, and continues to evolve and improve year after year. The owners put money back in to the school to enrich the experience and improve an already superior environment. My daughter is in Kindergarten now but continues in their after-care program and my son just began PreK Prep this year and will continue through the Private PreK until he moves into Kindergarten as well. We will be going to this school until my kids are old enough to drive themselves home from school! 
Kids love them,they love my kids
It was my first experience of a professional day care and what I found when I took the tour was just amazing. The teachers are awesome each one of them. My older one has been going there for 5 years. The little one is there since she was 6 months. I am so at ease and comfortable that my kids are in such a wonderful place. They are our second family.
Best Ever
I had my two sons enrolled in a different facility earlier and then I heard great things about Kids R Kids Johns Creek. I moved both my sons to this facility and ever since I cannot stop recommending this place to all my friends. They have great things for the younger kids. Their curriculum for Private Pre K and Private Kindergarden is just awesome. They take care very good care of my kids and on top of that they also have activities planned for the families as well every few months. They look out for the parents as well by offering date nights once a month. I just love this place.
Siddhi Parekh
Our Kid loves it
Our kid loves the school so much. We are extremely happy for sending our kid to KIDRS R KIDS John creek centre.
harikrishna mandali
Great school
My son is very happy in this school.he is been there when he was 5 months old.Nice and co-operative staff.I recommend this school to everybody
Shilpi Chhabra
Excellent Staff and Facility
Having moved to GA recently, and reviewing the curriculum at different schools, we have decided to put our kid at KRKJC. The staff is very friendly and went above and beyond to make us and our kid comfortable in all aspects, from the get go we have seen our kid embracing the school and her teacher with much enthusiam and fervor. They have a great curriculum and the teaching methodoligies seem excellent. The teachers are constantly working towards teaching the kids innovatively and motivating them to be clear thinkers. They don't push the kids but encourage them in a fun and inspiring way to become more responsive and smart. One thing that we noticed and worth commending is the fact that they do not treat all the kids at the same level but gauge them methodically and then work with the kids inndividually with an aim to make all of them achieve at same levels.
Sai S
Thank You!
We've had both our kids there for multiple years. Ms. Robin and her staff do a great job communicating with what's happening at the school both academically and extra-curricular wise. It’s a relieving feeling as a parent that you know what's happening with your kids and they are in GREAT HANDS. We look forward to additional years at Kids R Kids Johns Creek. I love the fact that all the staff knows our kids names and are excited to see them develop and learn. Our daughter absolutely loves her teachers Mrs. Tracey Mrs. Reece, Mrs. Marsha. Ms. Michelle glad to see you back!!!
Great school
My son is very happy in this school.he is been there when he was 5 months old.Nice and co-operative staff.I recommend this school to everybody
My son enjoys KRK!
This is our first year at KRK....my son really loves going to school.Every day he comes with new things andstories he learnt at school. The environment is kids friendly and the staffs are really good. I'm so happy that my son got a spot there. We enjoy being a part of KRK family
Glory Chris
My son loves this school
My son is very happy in this school.he is been there when he was 5 months old.Nice and co-operative staff.I recommend this school to everybody
We are so pleased with the care and attention that our son receives at Kids R Kids Johns Creek Parkway. I especially appreciate that my son is excited to go to school in the mornings and looks forward to telling me all that he learned when I pick him up. As an added bonus, the teachers and staff are very caring and attentive to the mental, emotional and physical developmental needs of my son. We're happy to be part of their family!
O. Galan
Feels like family
Every since enrolling our 4 1/2 year old daughter and 18 month son in Kids R Kids, we have felt like we are part of a family. Everyone at Kids R Kids are professional, caring, and dedicated to the children. Our son is always taken care of and loved, and our daughter is learning something new every day in the wonderful Pre-K program. We are so thankful to everyone at Kids R Kids for caring for our children.
Nicholas Keith
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!
We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for taking such great care of Abby and Will! Moving from Louisiana was a huge transition for our family and the staff and teachers made Abby and Will feel "at home" right away. Knowing that they were comfortable and loved made going to work easier. Abby enjoyed Summer Camp and all the adventurous field trips. Thank you Ms. Mabel, Ms. Jenny, and Mr. Wilson! Will loved his class and was excited to tell us what Ms. Audrey and Ms. Charlene taught him each day! Thanks again staff, teachers, and helpers. We are looking forward to Summer Camp 2013!
Feel So Blessed!
I feel so blessed to know my children are in good hands. I am in and out of the school and the care is consistant and excellent. I`ve referred several friends who also call it home. It is clean. The staff is professional. They are loving and courteous. They take pride and joy in my child`s successes and help me problem solve with any challenges my child may have. I can`t tell you how blessed I feel to have Kids R Kids for my children. It gives me great peace of mind to know that if they can`t be in my care - they are there where they receive excellent care in my absence. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
They LOVE Our Kids
Kids R Kids at John`s Creek is a beautiful facility with a very large area outdoor area and playground for the children to play in (several areas are shaded). The focus is on the child from the curriculum to what is served for lunch. However, what really makes this school stand out are the employees. Peytra is a hands-on owner that is on-site daily to ensure her vision is being carried out. Robin does an incredible job as Director. You can tell that everything she does for our children she does out of love and care for them. The teachers we encounter daily are so special as well. This school also welcomes diversity. My middle child (of 3 boys) is severely disabled. They love and care for him so incredibly and include him in as many activities as they can. The children are fortunate to be exposed to differences like this and learn that people that are different aren`t scary. Robin and Peytra are so accomodating and flexible. I would recommend Kids R Kids #21 to everyone.
Peace of Mind
Being a first time mother, I was very apprehensive leaving my daughter at a daycare at just 11 weeks old. We researched many schools and nothing came close to what Kids R Kids at JCP had to offer. Ms Patsy, Ms Joshna, Ms Anu and the Owner Petra were absolutely amazing. They created a loving environment, cheerful and nurturing. The daycare is clean and hygienic (very important to us). My daughter came home with beautiful paintings created from her footprints or handprints. They read to her, took her outdoors and really developed her through tummy time, etc. The communication regarding her progress during the day was through and gave me great tips so that I could continue her progress at home. The webcam was a great asset for me, and after a while, I hardly logged on because I had such peace of mind that my daughter was well looked after. I was very sad to leave them as we relocated up North…they really raised the bar in our level of expectations. We again are having a hard time finding a place that measure up to their standards.
Everything You Look For in a School
Kids R Kids Johns Creek Parkway has everything you look for when you want to be sure that your children are well cared for when you cannot do it on your own. Throughout the school you can feel the passion for children and their education that the owner, Ms. Petra, and all her staff, from the management to each one of the teachers, share. We appreciate the flexibility of the staff, always willing to meet your needs if possible. As parents of an afterschooler, we feel that our daughter spends the time at Kids R Kids in the best of ways: fun, snacks, rest, study time are well balanced in the afternoon so when she comes home she is happy. The school is clean, well organized, shows happiness from each corner. From the glass doors of each class you can see smiling children that are taught new things, but also to behave, to follow rules, with fun. We were glad to see the implementation of the interactive white board. Kids love it!! We are grateful that the school offers also extra curriculum activities, like tae kwon do, at an affordable price and without having to go from place to place. Summer camps are filled with activities, in house or with field trips and our daughter never got bored for all the weeks she spends there every summer. We are grateful that such a wonderful service is there for our family. There is nothing more important than someone who loves and cares for our children when we are not around and Kids R Kids at Johns Creek Parkway is that place!!
Sandra and James M.
We Are Fortunate
I highly recommend Kids R Kids Johns Creek Parkway to local families. My daughter had an exciting year in their private pre-k program. She looked forward to attending school each day and seems very prepared for kindergarten. The teachers and staff are kind and fun loving! The security procedures ensure my daughter`s safety while still maintaining a welcoming environment. The owners of the school are always available to help with any needs you may have. I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to give my daughter this experience!
Wonderful School!
This is a great place! Each of my four children has been to this center and we love it. Good teachers. Fun activities. The summer camps are awesome! Lots of fun field trips. The owner and staff really care about each individual child. Since I don`t work outside the home, we are there because we choose to be there, not because we have to.
Peace of Mind
When an unexpected event happened we were left with no choice but to find a daycare for our then eight month old daughter. Today she is four years old and attending PreK at KRK at Johns Creek Parkway. KRK has been our second family. We are blessed to have found such good care for our daughter. From learning her first sign language to now it has been a wonderful journey. To know that our child is loved by these caring people has given us peace of mind.
So Happy I Found This Place
My family and I moved to Georgia a year ago and I was worried about finding a daycare that would be a perfect match for my son. As soon as we visited KRKJC, my husband and I knew we had found a gem. The owner and staff members always flash a welcoming smile and engaging conversation. I am so impressed with the curriculum and lively energy of the teachers. My husband was very impressed by the smart board. My 3 year old son asks me every night if he can go back to school the next day. We also have a three month old who attends as well and I too love the warmth of the infant teachers. I have referred a family and will continue recommending more to KRKJC.
Friendly Place!!
Very well rounded and nurturing school with great teachers. The school also offers great learning environment and also a friendly place. My son comes home from school each day with fun stories. My son has been attending this school for almost 3 years and he is so happy playing and learning and he loves his teachers. He has made many good friends and always wants to stay longer in school :) I recommend this school for anyone who`s looking for a great place to learn and have fun at the same time.
Indira Holsomback
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