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What we learned from the Global School Play Day 

Kids 'R' Kids Johns Creek Parkway participated in the Global School Play Day for the first time.  While educating our children, we continue to educate ourselves and families as well.  We all learn through play and can find out more about the Global School Play Day from their website www.globalschoolplayday.com.  We wanted to share some of the insights from our Gobal School Play Day.  

What Children said:

  • "It made me happy"
  • "It was awesome! I loved playing in the tent.  I liked playing games and dressing in costumes."
  • "I loved sharing everyone's toys.  I liked playing with the dolls, dogs and fixing hair."
  • "I loved the play day.  It was a fun day!"
  • "I liked blowing bubbles outside.  It made me happy to play all day.  I was a little bored without work."
  • "I loved pretending to be Ana and Elsa."
  • "I loved bringing my dolls to school.  It made me happy.  It was like being at home.  I wish it was play day everyday!"


What Teachers said: 

  • "I enjoyed Global School Play Day because, it allowed my students to enjoy themselves, and express themselves through play!"
  • "After morning snack, a few of them went to the carpet and waited for circle time.  It seems that they know our routine very well!"
  • "We were able to identify the stations that a particular child was interested in."
  • "All students were involved and engaged all day!  I loved that the students had the opportunity to make their own choices, determine their own games, and structure their own day."
  • "It was difficult to watch students struggle at times with social and emotional challenges and not be able to guide or coach them in teachable moments."
  • "The students were applying all of the skills independently that have been taught without teacher redirections.  They were proud of themselves for sharing and following procedures.  They taught me they are capable of keeping routine and structure to an unstructured day."
  • "Although they had difficulty sharing their toys at times, they worked it out and learned to negotiate, communicate, use teamwork and share."
  • "The day reinforced my love for teaching and my kiddos.  It brought me joy to watch them having so much fun.  I also learned that unstructured doesn't necessarily equate to chaos."


What Parents said:

  • "Great concept."
  • "My daughter was very excited about this day - she looked forward to bringing in some toys from home, and being able to direct her play and be more independent."
  • "I think it was a great experience for my child - it looked a bit chaotic - but a LOT of fun!"
  • "Sharing is still hard for them, but they are learning!"




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